Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tree Swallow Yoga

Found a gorgeous Tree Swallow (Tachycineta biocolor) enjoying a hot spring morning at Fenner Nature Center.  I offer some screen grabs from a video showing the latest in Yoga poses and stretches the trendy and healthy Tree Swallow practices.

Count Dracula

The Flag

Regal (like an Eagle)


The Front Stroke

Landing Gear

Situation Normal

The Flare

Hand Behind My Back

The Twist

The Pretzel

Caped Crusader

Iron Man

The Angel 

Rocket Launch
Here's the whole video:


  1. The contrast of the blue and white on that bird is beautiful. And what a great video! I think my favorite pose the Pretzel. :)

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    Happy birding!

  2. Iron Man is my favorite. It's remarkable how much he looks like a masked avenger now that you've pointed it out. I'll never look at Tree Swallows the same way again.